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What is T-ZERO?

T-ZERO is a project initiated by some of the UK’s leading organisations in the fields of energy conservation and housing (see right). It is supported by the Technology Strategy Board with a brief to develop novel ways to reduce the environmental impact from existing housing, working towards a future goal of a zero carbon built environment.T-ZERO provides an interactive web-based tool that puts energy and environmental performance expertise in the hands of the householder, housing stock manager, designer or builder.


The UK is committed to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 and this will require reductions from the domestic sector that potentially exceed this, as additional reductions here will be required to offset higher emissions in sectors such as aviation and road transport. New buildings face strict regulations with the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Government’s aim for all new homes to be zero carbon by 2016. However, new buildings only represent a small fraction of the housing stock that will be in place in 2050 – over 80% of those buildings already exist, and these need help to reach and exceed the 80% target. In addition, water resources are under pressure and we are running out of landfill space for our domestic and construction waste. The environmental and financial costs of running our homes is likely to increase in the future unless homeowners, private and social landlords and the building industry do something about it. The good news is that our practical options are increasing and that projects like T-ZERO are here to help.

Who Should Use T-ZERO?

T-ZERO is a free web-based tool that identifies the optimal low-carbon solutions tailored to specific house types. Define your home and T-ZERO will establish its fuel bill and carbon footprint, then identify optimal insulation, heating, and renewable energy options, based on your budget and refurbishment goals. The T-ZERO Marketplace can put you in touch with local suppliers and installers of the recommended measures, and you can request a quote directly through the site. Users can also upload their experiences of projects, products and services to create a directory of case studies of practical benefit to others.


User-friendly, interactive guide containing actual costs of improvements. Pay-back, financing, technical guidance and supplier and installer details provided.

Housing managers

Assists housing providers and asset managers to address the Decent Homes Standard, climate change, tenants’ energy security and welfare and to develop refurbishment and disposal strategies.

Building professionals

One-stop shop for costs, technical guidance and suppliers and installers in your area.A rapid assessment of achievable environmental improvements based on clients’ criteria.

Suppliers, installers and retailers

T-ZERO can put you in touch with informed homeowners and building professionals that need your products or services.


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