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Tennis Betting – How To Make Money on Exchange Betting

Sports betting is a thrilling activity that you can take up if you are a fan, because your knowledge of the sport will help you place the right wagers. Tennis is a very good sport to bet on because the nature of the sport gives you the opportunity to place wagers that win.

You can actually manage to win a lot of money if you know how to place bets correctly and do so in a regular manner. However, if you plan to take up sports betting in a big way then you should follow a few important rules.

  • Avoid placing bets with a traditional bookie because you simply will not be able to win enough money this way even if your wagers are successful. Bookies offer odds on any match only after calculating all factors using detailed mathematical formulae. After all, they have to remain in business and make profits on a consistent basis. In fact, bookmakers also calculate their profit margin when they set their prices.

  • Opt for exchange betting instead so that you don’t have to be concerned with the house edge or with paying a middleman. A betting exchange permits you to bet against other punters who can be located anywhere in the world. Some people will place a "back" bet on a certain player winning the match whereas other people will place a "lay" bet on the loss of the player. The exchange software with match bettors against each other. The winner will be decided when the event is over. There are excellent betting exchanges to choose from these days and the best ones make use of high tech software to offer a responsive and quick website.

  • The game of tennis has a tendency to see saw for its duration since the scoring is very high and this gives you plenty of opportunities to place winning bets. A person who has won the first set will have to keep winning in order to eventually win the match. This gives plenty of opportunity for the other player to claw his or her way up.

  • You can place a back bet on a particular match as well as a lay bet further on as the match progresses. The back bet should be at certain odds and the lay bet should be on that side at different odds. Alternatively, you could place another back bet on the other side winning. This is a very good way to make money although you’ll have to pay close attention to the game in order to be able to predict which way it will go. This will help you win more money over the long term than if you just played back or lay bets individually.

This style of betting involves a lot of mathematical calculations so that you can determine the probability of any particular event taking place. There aren’t too many calculators that can help you work out the probability, but some very good ones exist. Tennis is also less popular than soccer and American football for betting which means that the amount of money you win can actually be quite large.