Important notice

The T-ZERO website is no longer being updated, or marketed to those who may be seeking to refurbish their homes.

We will continue to allow limited access to the tool to registered users. If you wish to continue to use T-ZERO in any capacity, please be aware that:

  • Cost and technical information is likely to be out of date and inaccurate
  • The tool does not cover the latest policy developments, for example it does not consider Feed in Tariffs (FITs), the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), or Green Deal and this will affect the tool’s financial assessments.
  • Government’s approved assessment methodology has been updated from the version used within T-ZERO.

Therefore, we strongly advise against making any decisions based upon the results gained from T-ZERO from this point forward.

We hope you found T-ZERO useful during the time that it was fully operational and gained insight into how to best refurbish your home as a result.


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